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future proof survival guide

future proof survival guide

What do you know, that you don’t know you know, that we all might need to know in a disaster? 

The Future Proof Survival Guide is about uncovering collective ‘know-how’ in the context of preparedness. In an age of increasing uncertainty and complexity, as the long emergency of climate change continues, what are the pieces of knowledge and skills at the thresholds of being lost; who holds that information; and who needs to know about it? 

Jen Rae of Fair Share Fare in collaboration with Leisa Shelton of Fragment 31aim to dig up, sift and find the nuggets of wisdom from the community of North Melbourne during the Refuge project on 11 November 2017.  Adapting the form of Fragment 31’s Scribe project, the purpose here is to facilitate knowledge transfer between those in the ‘know’ now to those who will need to be in the ‘know’ later, via Scribes and culminating into a published document. 

At REFUGE 2018, the public audience will be asked to contribute to the FPSG, by sitting with one of the Scribes in locations dispersed around Arts House.  In exchange for their knowledge sharing, they will be rewarded with an item worth savouring.

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Future Proof by Fair Share Fare
Building on survival skills of food foraging, harvesting, preparing and preserving, Future Proof includes DIY workshops, demonstrations and exercises to boost collective know-how for crisis scenarios. The proof is in the pudding!

More details to come..check out Arts House REFUGE here for updates.